small candy machine

Create A Perfect Partnership

Denver Vending Solutions in partnership with National Children's Cancer Society offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for any small office. Giving back is vital to our success and the success of any local business and because of this partnership YOU too can be a part of saving lives.

Denver Vending Solutions is a for profit business, but with every opportunity there is a responsibility to give back to those within our community who are deserving of a second chance.

How It Works

Denver Vending Solutions places a small bulk candy machine inside your break-room and proceeds benefit a deserving charity. National Children's Cancer Society operates like any other small charity, where proceeds from events and programs benefit deserving children who need help from others. The program is at no cost to you and the benefit is exponential. Ask your representative from DVS how you can be a part of a program to save and enrich lives.

National Children's Cancer Society: Serves as a financial, emotional, and educational resource for families that can't make ends meet when their child is diagnosed with cancer. Since the National Children't Cancer Society began they have provided more than $54 million in direct financial assistance to more than 30,000 children nationwide, working closely with more than 200 hospitals and pediatric oncology units throughout the U.S.